Chemical Unit operations I

Chemical Unit Operations I - BMEVEKFA410

Lecturer: Dr.  Endre Rév  F/II/1, e-mail:

Topic groups:

  1. Fluid flow, mixing, settling (sedimentation), fluid flow through packed columns, fluidization, filtration
  2. Heat transport (through walls, betwwen a wall and fluid, overall transport, heat exchangers)
  3. Evaporation

Calculation practices: every week, except occasions for test.

Planned timetable is attached as CUO-I 2018 Spring.pdf

For the mark: Two calculation tests, both must be at least passed.

Tests place and start: room CH304, on the given days 8:15 in the morning.

Charts and earlier elaborated calculation examples may be used at the calculation tests.

Final mark: rounded average.

Draft material is attached. This material contains misprints, and figures are missing.

Materials for practizing typical calculations are also attached below.

The attached files are listed under heading 'Csatolmány'.

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CUO-I 2018 Spring.pdf96.37 KB
CUO_I_draft.pdf377.43 KB
Flow Problems Attachment.pdf113.74 KB
Flow problems for calculation practice.pdf260.71 KB
Sediment Fluidiz Mixing Attachment.pdf68.95 KB
Sedimentation problems with solution.pdf232.42 KB
Fliuidization problems with solution.pdf160.05 KB
Mixing problems with solution.pdf78.55 KB
Filtrationproblem with solution.pdf120.61 KB
Heat exchange Attachment.pdf359.14 KB
Heat transport problems with solution.pdf480.64 KB
Evaporation Attachment.pdf41.1 KB
Evaporation problems with solution.pdf192.38 KB