Quality management

Quality Management




1st-7th week: Friday, 10:15-11:45
Instructor: Vivien Surman
e-mail: surman@mvt.bme.hu

8th-14th week (from 2017.10.24.): Tuesday, 14:15-17:00  Ch 305

Instructor: Emese Vágó, Péter Kunovszki, Sándor Kemény
e-mail: vagoemese@gmail.com, thekanz@freemail.hu, kemeny@mail.me.hu


Test 1: 2017.10.20. 10:15-11:45

Test 2: 2017.12.05. 14:15-15:45  FII building 1st floor


Teaching Materials

The slides from the classes for the second part can be downloaded from below.




Statistical background387.22 KB
Variables control charts365.36 KB
Attributes control charts274.66 KB
Process capability87.4 KB
Measurement system analysis190.76 KB
Questions54.4 KB
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