Environmentally Benign Chemical Processes

 Lecturers in the 2017/18/2 semester: 

Dr. Edit SzékelyDr. Monika Johannsen

Guest lecuter: Dr. András Kovács 

Dates and times of lectures

Wednesdays 11:15-13:45 in F II I. ex-computer room


You may download the slides of the lectures time by time from the bottom of this page. Slides might be useful to structure your knowledge, but are not enough!

• For signiture: 
70% attendence at lectures; VOC presentation given and accepted (if excellently done half mark extra is offered). 
3 mid term tests (20 minutes each) – min 50% of 2 is required for the signature. Over an avarage 80% the final mark is offered (80-89% - 4; 90-100%- 5)
• students having valid signiture may take a written or oral exam during the examination period. Application for the exams is only possible via the Neptun system.

In case of questions please contact Edit Székely


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