Design of experiments

Design of Experiments

(B.Sc. course,  BMEVEVMA606)


Classes: Thursday, 12:15-15:00, CH304
Instructor: Péter Kunovszki


Test 1:           2017. 11.02.  12:15 - 14:00       Room K150
RepeatTest 1: 2017. 11.23.  After class            Room K150
Test 2:           2017. 12.07.  During class          Room K150
RepeatTest 2: 2017.12.13. 10:15-12:00           Room K234
Re-Repeat Test: 2017. 12.15. 14:15-16:00
Point Final mark
0-39 1
40-55 2
56-69 3
70-82 4
83-100 5

Teaching Materials

The slides from the classes can be downloaded from below.
A statistical textbook can be downloaded from this link:
The list of chapters covered on the lessons are collected in the Chapters.doc file. (See below)
Other recommended literature:
D.C. Montgomery and G.C. Runger: Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers, 5th edition, 2011, Wiley


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